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What Makes Us Different

Planning With An Aged Based Focus

At Olson Heimensen Retirement & Wealth Planning we understand that comprehensive planning menas different things to different people based upon their current place in life. We narrow our planning focus based upon each client's place in their life journey and ask the appropriate questions of clients at the appropriate times so that they can easily identify their goals and objectives. 

Wealth Accumulation Planning

This is for young adults just beginning their careers, starting families, buying home, and accumulating assets. 

Wealth Maintenance Planning

This is for mature adults who are reaching their maximum earning potential and starting to think about retirement and protecting what they have accumulated.

Wealth One Zone

This is the five years prior to retirement through the first five years after a person retires. We refer to this as The One Zone as it is truly your one attempt at getting retirement done right. Arguably, this could be the most important category of a person's life journey.

Wealth Transfer

This is the category for those adults who have successfully completed all of the milestones above. At this point, we discuss and implement plans that will ultimately pass assets on to the next generation or charity as clients see fit. 

While these steps may feel overwhelming, they are quite simple in nature when you have the right firm in your corner asking the right questions, at the right time.